Prateeksha Sharma


Whom– Counseling services are offered to individuals, families and groups- both in-person and on mediated platforms via the internet (e.g. Skype, google-meet etc).


As per the need of the clients we customize counseling services, though we also make recommendations based on our reading of a situation. If we feel, it is best for a client to work with a companion such a member of their family- parent/s, spouse, child/children or friend, we work it out in a consultative, collaborative process with the individual client.

Group counseling is mostly with individuals who either have identical needs, or those within a particular institution (school/college/university/correctional facility/NGO), organization. We offer group psychotherapy, including music psychotherapy at our centers in New Delhi and Faridabad, Haryana.

Recovery Oriented Counseling

Recovery from mental illness is not a chance or accident that can happen for a few. There are scores of people and organizations around the world devoted to helping people recover their lives and narratives from any form of debility and oppression. We count ourselves among them.


Many researchers are searching and thinking of newer ways in which people can ‘recover’ from ‘mental illness’, including after being on medication for decades.


However, we do not insist whether someone should take medication or not- it is entirely their own choice. Pharmacological support is only one part of the solution, if they believe it is working. The rest also has to be offered, which we do in ways which are honed by years of experience, research and helping many take the recovery road.


We specialize in helping people recover from serious and long term mental ‘illness’, as part of a team of professionals supporting an all round, holistic ‘recovery’.


Each Recovery is Different Just as every person is unique, so their mental distress. . Therefore no two people can ‘recover’ in exactly the same manner, though they may have common overlapping issues. Recovery solution therefore has to be customized and adapted to each person’s need-just like their shoes. One size does not fit all.